Find Investors, Sell Your Idea & Engage Your Audience

how to get funding for a startupBy this point, you may be thinking that creativity and teamwork are all well and good, but is this a practical solution to getting funding for startups? Well guess what – the answer is a resounding yes. The Ideator platform is integrated with all stages of the business experience, and that very much includes helping you find investors and sell your idea. If you’re approaching the point where you’d like to engage your audience directly, we can show you how to meet investors and really start taking off with your idea.

Engage your audience

The Ideator community isn’t just geared towards developing ideas. Ultimately, we’re looking to build companies that can have a lasting and ongoing impact. That’s why you’ll find so many eager investors on our site looking to put their money where your mouth is – provided you’ve got the goods to deliver on their investment with a great new idea. Once you’ve shared your idea and started building your team, you’ll be able to find investors who are excited about providing the necessary funding for startups that have the potential to excel.

Find Investors & Funding for Startups

The whole process starts with you, but it doesn’t end there. The platform can recommend people who’ve provided funding for startups similar to yours in the past, making them a likely fit for your new business. You can also search through our community of users to learn about how to get funding for a startup, and what you’ll have to bring to the table to acquire it. The platform can help you find investors, but you’ll need to convince them your idea is worth it.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to happen all at once. You’d be surprised how evolutionary and iterative the process is. Entrepreneurs often find themselves pitching one idea, only to end up settling on something quite different through the process of collaboration. New takes, new insights, and even new funding opportunities can radically alter the direction you set off in to begin with. Even if the seed of your idea is strong, by the time you secure your funding, you might be surprised at how far it’s come along.