Online Collaboration Tools

online collaboration toolsGreat ideas should never exist in a vacuum – and with our suite of collaboration tools, they don’t have to. Once you’ve shared your idea on the platform, you’ll have access to an online workspace that can do pretty much everything you need it to do. If you already have a team, you can share the idea and work on it together, exchanging thoughts back and forth about how to improve the business plan. If you don’t, there’s no better place to get started building one.

Online collaboration tools

At Ideator, we understand that making the process easy leads to better outcomes. With the right online collaboration tools, new possibilities open up that didn’t seem practical before. Have a friend from college who liked your idea? Look them up and invite them to join your collaborative online workspace. Interested in the opinion of a potential mentor for your business? It’s much easier to draw them in with a free collaboration tool that makes the process almost completely frictionless.

Explore your new collaborative online workspace

You don’t have to go it alone, though. These aren’t just online collaboration tools – they represent a community of like-minded people eager to help develop new ideas. You can explore our community of users and see who might be able to help with your project. You may well even find yourself on the receiving end of invitations to connect from users interested in your idea. These are the kinds of collaboration tools that actually help you build a team – not just manage one. Using this platform, you can start with just a great idea and end up in charge of a massively engaged project group.

We even do some of the heavy lifting for you. The platform will recommend collaborators who have similar interests, or whose skills may apply to the project you’re trying to get off the ground. Based on the idea’s potential, we help build the team for you. It’s part of our commitment to giving each idea every chance to succeed. Ideas do the talking here, and if your idea is hot, this is the place for it to catch fire.